Almost out of the hole
Due to [REDACTED: DIRTY LAUNDRY], things are not going according to plan. I finally uploaded the last part of Mr. Fix-it.

As all 3 of you have noticed, I'm temporarily on hiatus until [REDACTED: DIRTY LAUNDRY] gets sorted out. And it will get sorted out. And folded and stored into its rightful set of drawers. Or incinerated if necessary. Estimated date of return is before the beginning of March 2016.

I'm sorry for the disruption. I'll be back soon. Or not. Don't know. renamed img_type and img_sort from omv to set in configs.
2016-02-09, 21:42 ET

Merry Christmas
brb christmas. will resume comic uploads next wednesday on 6 Jan, 2016.
2015-12-24, 17:15 ET

Another bug happened. OK. [Fixed]
Well, upon upload of the fifth comic, the comic order screws up. They phased out of existence, leaving only the mysterious 1999-November-30 and link to a dead image. After trying to fix it, uploaded more pages, and now the sixth page (out of seven pages posted) entered the unknown. What is this. How do I fix this. I don't know, but I'll fix it. Somehow.

Man, it is a good thing no one knows of this site yet. That would be embarrassing.

[Update 2015-12-08, 17:42 ET] Victory. Fixed both the random comic page disappearance and the news posts disappearances. It turns out that within the directory function...wait a minute, who gives a shit. If there's anyone interested, they'd email me for coding answers (el oh el, >advice). Shit's back on schedule. heck yes.
2015-12-02, 13:10 ET

More site fixes... except for one
Several things have been fixed after testing on multiple browsers, OS's, and locations (thank you to those that helped with this). Still don't know about the flat purples, may change according to feedback.

One obvious coding issue still remains though... the first three news posts keep screwing up. One of those three doesn't show up and one of them repeats. Inelegant workaround put in place, for now. Also, there's a spacing issue between the first and second post. Blah details, who cares.

After like the first 6 or 7 posts, it shouldn't be that big of an issue though. May fix if I can, later on.
2015-10-23, 12:48 ET