Transcribed from my twitter.

Well. My HDD has bad sectors and every hour it's powered, it gets worse.

I managed to copy-paste select important art files onto a USB stick at one point while the computer was at least (barely) functional, but most of my shit is kill. So I no longer have the original files for fanart, past comic pages, website production files/assets, past commissions and other personal shit like music/photos/Fallout New Vegas character build notes/etc.

However, my comic pages are online, the good fanart's already posted on my tumblr/twitter, and I can re-backup my website files. The .psd's for my comics are gone now, so I won't be able to edit those I guess, which may or may not be an issue in the future.

And the timing of it. Goddamn. The fact that this happened in the middle of my weekly backup (which was interrupted, therefore gone) is quite amazing, actually. The external hard drive I use for backup can only fit one backup image of my computer at a time, and so to make a new backup image, the old one has to get deleted to make room, then the new one gets made, you get it the idea. So no backup to work with.

I've calmed down now and I'm thankful that I copy-pasted the few important files that I did to get myself back up faster. Lessons learned, and now I'm gonna muscle my way forward. Gonna try a few more potential fixes, but will likely have to buy a new drive in a few days or so.

More gross goblin neanderthal angry sketches coming to my twitter in the mean time. Let's get the fuck back up.
2018-11-13, 20:22 ET
Computer killed itself mid-backup and local man is miffed.
I wake up one day to a PC that got stuck mid-backup and slowed to an unbearable crawl. Needless to say, the Dual Core comics were on there and I desperately need to retrieve them (along with the rest of my data). If you want to see me on my journey of coping and resisting the urge to perish, welcome and beware. I'm sorry for already being delayed as soon as I got back into a consistent schedule. Thankfully almost no one is here still. God I hope I didn't lose all my shit.
2018-11-12, 22:10 ET
Back to it.
A consistent schedule has been laid out now, at least for Dual Core. Power Trip will be slotted in as well (hopefully).
2018-10-28, 21:36 ET
Hiatus. Restructuring.
Edit: I'M BACK. Below is old news.

I need to take time off for a while to sort some things out in order to more frequently, more consistently update. Currently, since I haven't started reaching out through socials yet, it's not like anyone will miss the updates lol. Just figured I'd establish an actually workable schedule now instead of later.

Will be back once I'm in a more stable position to do this whole website thing properly. New Dual Core should be up in a few days. Again, may take a while for me to get back to it. Who am I even talking to? Bye.
2018-03-22, 22:13 ET