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Computer lives, but most of data gone. OHWELL, WE LIVE.
Windows reinstalled, new SSD installed, more backup safety measures in place, we back in. Goodbye most of my old data, but grieving time is over, time to push onwards.

PRO TIP: When you're setting up a backup schedule for your shit, make sure there is space in your backup drive for at least TWO backups at a time. As the oldest one gets deleted as a new one gets made, you still have one in between that is untouched and available if anything goes wrong mid-backup.

And now, let's make up for lost time and content: Here's the comic strip that was supposed to be posted last week, here's this week's strip, and here's a bonus strip for apologies. GOD. Sorry bout that shit, we back to it yet again.
2018-11-19, 23:05 ET
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