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Site needs fixing, comic plans need adjusting, hiatus.
I have to figure out a few things regarding, well, everything.

Before we go on, I seriously have to fix those bugs with the nav panel, get the mobile version up and running. Also have to work out the roadmap of both the production and plot of both Dual Core and Power Trip. And on top of that, need to ALSO work on stream stuff, animation stuff on youtube. I probably have to incorporate that stuff into the site. A WHOLE LOT OF SHIT HAPPENING YO. I thought I could juggle all that shit (oh and a dayjob on top of all that too. bruh.), but I overestimated myself.

Comics are on hiatus for hopefully not too long. You can still find me on my Twitter, my Twitch, and I'll be uploading animations to Youtube. I'll see you soon.
2019-02-04, 18:49 ET
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